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10NL - KK getting raised on the river

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  • 10NL - KK getting raised on the river

    Hey folks, Are we any good here? Villain is pretty much an unknown. We only beat AJ and QQ and I doubt someone would raise the river with those hands in general. I might have been fancy by checking the turn, but I was making my hand look like an AK that missed and get called by 77-TT on the river - I'm not sure if that makes alot of sense either. lol

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    Pocket Kings in the BB. Yay. Then again - the last few days this is where everyone folds.... Nice, the button raises it up. I'd make a nice little 3bet here, say 70 cents. I like the fact you 3bet, but I think 3betting 3.5x his bet is too large.

    Nice flop. All babycards, which reduces the chance that he hit. There's basically two hands that can beat us now, which is pocket 5 and A3, and I doubt he has the A3. So a bet for value is in order. Say, $1.25 - $1.50 or so. He makes the call. Okay, so now what. He could be floating, waiting to see what we do on the turn. He could have the pocket 5. He could even have something like QQ, JJ. I doubt we're behind here.

    So the 6 brings the straight. 24 and 47 have us beat, but would he really be calling our big 3bet pre with that junk? I doubt it, so unless you have a read he might be playing that stuff, I'm betting again here. about $3.

    You opt to check. Is this a check with the intent to raise if he bets out? Or with the hope to see a free river card? Either way, I'm losing value here. After all - if I bet $3 here and he calls, I can safely ship the river. With out current stack/pot ratio, shipping isn't an option on the river. And he checks behind. Following my reasoning, you can now make a bet of say #.50 on the river, get called and win another #3.50, while had you bet the turn, shipped the river you might win an extra $10... Plus - what do you do if an Ace hits the river.... He might be on AK, AQ...

    The rive's a Jack. I know I had considered him holding pocket Jacks. If so, we're screwed. I can't see myself folding my pocket kings on this board. So I bet my $3.50 for value.

    Erm, he ships it. Ack. Don't tell me he was really playing the pocket Jacks....

    You fold to his raise. A reraise on the river as a bluff at these levels? Unlikely... A good fold? Perhaps. Maybe he was playing AJ all the way? Also a possibility. Hard call to say if this was a good fold or not. Only thing I can say is I don't like the check on the turn.
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      Your hand is such a great one to go for 3 streets value on a boardtexture like that. He can call you down with so many worse pairs. As played I dont think that people bluff rivers here when they had the opportunity to do it on the turn - so what's their valuerange? I guess they will almost always have a slowplayed boat or JJ. Can't really imagine people shoving here with AJ/KJ type hands. Unfortunately, your turncheck makes villain's hand much tougher to read now.

      I do take your turn line from time to time, but I would do it on different boards where people usually won't checkback turns with weak showdownable hands like they could be doing on this dry texture. I would also prefer taking that line against a more specific villain like your typical floater or maniac who loves to bet when checked to.
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