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10NL - are we stacking off with a FD here?

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  • 10NL - are we stacking off with a FD here?

    This is a SB v BTN situation against an unknown. Do we ship 120bb here with FD + 2 overs?

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    Hi Geo,

    Check raising with my strong draws is the kind of stuff I've been trying to add to my game lately. The resounding advice I'm getting is to have a plan. What are you going to do if you get re-raised? If you don't know then it's probably better not to put it in.

    I'm a bit unsure on the best line here as the villain has a mixture of bluffs, overpairs, sets and trips in his range.I would just flat his cbet here, assuming your K and Q are outs some of the time then with 15 outs you need around 2.2-1. Also flatting allows him to bluff the turn when you hit.

    Another point is that I personally would have made your x/r bigger, to nearer $2, I feel $1.50 is a bit too small and entices him to do exactly what he did. Once you decide to x/r and he re-raises fairly small, I think you have to go with it. You have blockers to KK and QQ; and have 15 outs on JJ, and 9 agaisnt AA and 8x. All in all I think if you shove here you can expect to turn a profit in the long run.

    But what do I know, I'm only experimenting with this stuff at the moment

    Good luck mate

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      Hey Geo,
      I am not really a cash player,
      But my goal is to keep the pot small unless you are drawing to the nuts or near to it.
      With a paired board I would try to keep the pot on the smaller side when you could be drawing dead.
      Saying that I have no problems with check raise bluffing if you are ready to fold to a shove HU.



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        Hi geo,

        I don't really like xr flop here even though our hand seems to have a lot of equity. Against a typical continuing range on a paired board I actually think that our equity will be fairly poor and we will suffer some reverse implied odds against overpairs, nutflushdraws, trips etc. and it should get even worse against a flop 4betting range.

        I would just xc flop and go from there.
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