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Pre-Flop Aggression

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  • Pre-Flop Aggression

    Hello, The actual result of this hand I am not too worried about as this was a loose opponent and I'm getting it in there with this premium pair every time against him. What I would like feedback on though is the pre-flop action. Was there any need for me to be so aggressive or should I have just called?
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    If we're happy to get it in pre against a very loose villain then continuing to raise is never a bad option.

    First thing I would look at here is the bet sizing. V9 makes it 3x over a limper, and you're reraising to 8x... it's too small imo. A good starting point for 3b sizing is 3 times the total bet size or in this case 9x, and adjust from there. In this case I would adjust it higher, at least 10x but even 11x-12 x is fine because:

    -There's a limper in as well, extra $ in the pot and extra chance for callers
    -the raiser is loose
    -We are going to play out of position if called by either player
    -We have a strong value hand (extract a little extra value from the loose calls)

    After the action returns to us V6 has flatted the 8x and V9 now makes it 13x. I see little reason to flat here tbh, but prefer to raise again. Not to shut V6 out of the pot per say but in hopes of tying him further in. V6 seems to be loose as well, limping then calling a 3b. If we flat he's definitely calling .10c more, but with a big pot brewing and a hand he obviously likes, I think he'll often pay more to see the flop. I think about .48c-.52c is a nice number here. Small enough to entice V6 and also to leave V9 room to shove after V6 calls it. The sizing of .70c is a bit big as it may discourage some of the loose calls we want from V6. It also makes it crystal clear to V9 (if he's even thinking) that we are not messing around and folding to a shove, where as with a smaller sizing we leave him some room to talk himself into it (even though we never should be fooling around in this spot).

    That's about it... I think look at the sizing at each decision point a bit, but other than that, against 2 loose-gooses one of whom is pumping it way out of line and one of whom is calling all action, I see no good reason to slow it down pre personally.
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