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5nl Zoom - KJs x/r on the turn.

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  • 5nl Zoom - KJs x/r on the turn.

    The villain is an unknown single tabler. He raises in middle position and I call, is calling okay here or would it be better to 3bet? The flop brings me top pair and he checks to me. I bet 2/3 pot for value, and the villain calls. The turn completes 34 but I don't think he would open this preflop, he checks to me again and I think this is a good spot to get value out of pair+draw hands that I'm ahead of. I bet half pot and he min raises. Firstly I'm unsure if my turn bet is big enough, is half pot okay or should I make it bigger? Once he raises I'm unsure what he woud do this with that I beat. I don't think he raises worse pair hands here or pair+draw hands as he would most likely have raised on the flop. So that leaves sets and 2 pair, the only 2 pair that makes sense is 65s. Given the price I'm getting is it okay to call the turn and re-evaluate on the river? Cheers Oliver
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    Pre-flop and flop are fine with me. Turn bet size is fine too.

    The 5 on the turn is a very strange card for villain to raise after not c-betting a flop that most players would c-bet with their entire range. So the turn is effectively a blank. I call the min-raise and call a reasonable bet on the river. Sometimes villain shows up with a slowplayed KK. Other times he turned a set of 5s. It could also be a weirdly played AK or KQ. Other times it's a bluff. If he makes it cheap on the river, you get to make a potentially useful note and you'll also have the best hand a fair amount of the time.
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      I like your preflop and flop play. Against an unknown I dont see any reason to 3bet this hand with such great playability and position.

      Whenever preflop raisers take unorthodox lines like these their range usually looks to be polarized between nuts or a bluff. He might also be taking this line with a stubborn underpair that he feels he needs to be turning into a bluff somehow.

      Since he is giving you a good price to call and see the river + his action being in position I would take the card. He could also sometimes be xr with two pair against which you might have some outs too. I would call an reevaluate the situation on different rivers.
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        Thanks for the analysis flix. Just wondering what you think to my bet sizing on the turn? When he checks the turn to me I think he can have a number of weaker hands that will call a bet, 77-TT, Ac6c, lots of heart draws and heart+gutshot draws. Thus my bet was half pot to get value from all of the worse hands in his range. Do you think it would be better to bet bigger around 2/3 pot as this gets value and discourages a x/r. Hence when he does x/r it makes it easier to fold as it's less likely a bluff?

        I decided to call in the end up and I spiked the offsuit King, he continued to shove the rest of his stack. At this point the only hands I beat are two pair, do you think I can profitably make the call?
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          Yeah, good points. I like betting bigger which should make you more money on the early streets when he decides to xc hands with inferior sd value. In hindsight this would make your turn decision a lot easier too.

          As played I think folding river (even though u spike a king) is ok since I actually dont expect him to follow through with anything he turns into a bluff on the turn except for draws - and its somehow less likely that he plays draws this way.
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