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5c/10c KK

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  • 5c/10c KK

    i am fairly new to cash games,i have had a bit of a go on the capped tables before,but not so much the no limit(uncapped) tables, just want to ask am i playing a hand like this to conservatively,should i be aiming for more value,or am i just going to scare off an opponent with larger betting

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    I'd prefer a 4-bet pre to make it easier to get stacks in post-flop.
    Slowplaying the dry flop by flatting the donkbet is fine, as you have the deck crippled, but bet bigger on the turn and river.
    Not only will you get more value when villain has a hand, but you won't be revealing the strength of your hand by betting standard amounts of 50-70% of pot. (If I was at this table, I'd make a note on you that said "bets small with monsters".)
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      I don't have a problem with the 3 bet pre-flop, and I don't think another 30c is going to help get his/her money in the pot post flop. What I do is find an effective raise that narrows but doesn't eliminate your opponents. This can change from table to table but generally I use the 3 bet as a standard open bet... no matter the hand. Every hand I'm willing to open with gets the same open bet. This actually will hide the strength of our hand for they will not know if you are on the bottom or top of your range. Post flop I would have raised them, not too much so no 3x over him but a simple raise as to tease him into re-raising over you. It's the little battles like this that will get your opponent all-in more often than not. evil:
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        Hi milehigh, welcome to the hand analysis forums and welcome to 6-max cashgames - they are beatiful imo

        Did you have any information on the villain? When posting a hand it is important to note down any stats or reads you have since this will have a big impact on which line you could be potentially taking against him.

        If he's the type to bluff a lot with 3bets and postflop aggression I like flatting your kings preflop as a trap being in position. I therefore also like calling flop.

        I think you should definitely bet a lot more on the turn (like half pot) and thus aim at getting the rest of your stack in by the river hoping he bluffcatches.

        In case you think his 3betting range is actually pretty solid or strong, I would prefer 4betting preflop aiming to get the money in here and not lose value from hands like AK/QQ who might catch an unfavorable flop.
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          re post

          thnx for the reply and advice,checked out the private training link,its something i would really be interested in,but may run into a language barrier, if there is anyone reputable like yourself or if you can provide the training in english, please PM me i would like to know more.



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