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5nl zoom river bet fold?

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  • 5nl zoom river bet fold?

    Hi, 5nl zoom, villain_4 unknown villain_3 37/26/ agg 7.0/ 3b 8.3 --- 4 tabling zoom [IMG] [/IMG] Standard 3bet, would have perhaps been stacking off with KK vs villain_3. but didnt want to lose the Lag player in BB so didnt make the 3b too large. not a great flop, for an overpair for my premium pair, im putting : villain 3 on a high ace, perhaps suited like AQs/AJs or 77 - JJ, villain 4, any pocket pair and pretty much same range as utg. did not cbet flop, as i dont think i have much fold equity vs a nut flush or a set/ weird two pair. -if i had K of hearts i would barrell this. when the V_3 donks out big, perhaps he is trying to get me off draws and high Aces or small pp, so standard call i think. the river shove. i ran the timer down and folded, i think a 4 tabler regular lag zoom player would be shoving without the nuts, i put him on Sevens/Sixes full, or Jacks full, because he could have easily stabbed with overpair JJ on turn and binked on river. i think i was super beat on river.

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    Hey behappy

    I think actually if we are going to play the flop this way, the turn is one of the clearest value-shoves you can come across. Think of all the 'bad' river cards there are should we just call on the turn, think of all the worst hands that this can call our shove with. There are a lot of both.

    I don't actually think the river is a fold either. An opponent like this could definitely be value shoving QQ in this spot because of what your range looks like. I wouldn't rule out a non zero amount of bluffs either, or even a hand like AJs that 'got there.'

    We have fundamentally misrepresented our range against a villain type with a propensity to hang themselves. There are a lot of board run outs and situations in six max where it does not matter that your hand has been under represented, but this is one, I would argue, where it does. We've set a tricky trap and on this river we have the chance to reap the rewards... just don't press that fold button!


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      You have KK on a two-tone 764 flop. This is a fairly wet flop, but one that will usually generate action from all sorts of draws, overcards and the many overpairs. PLEASE BET THE FLOP for VALUE and protection. Don't give 2 villains the chance to suck out!
      If villain raises, then you might give him credit for a set or a made straight, but since flush draws and 88-QQ are also in his range, I don't think I'm ever folding here.

      Because of your weird line (which looks like AK that whiffed and decided not to c-bet) villain will think any pair is good here, so CALL the RIVER.
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