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25NL Zoom: Is it a mistake to call in SB?

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  • 25NL Zoom: Is it a mistake to call in SB?

    No reads on pfraiser, apart from stack size. BB is 12/8 over 78 hands Is it better to 3bet in sb versus this short stack/fish type? When it's checked to the turn & villain bets 1/2 pot, I think it's ok to call? On river, getting 3/1, so only need to be ahead 25% of time? Ok to call? Thanks Carl

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    Hey Carl Turn call is definitely good, actually, I would prefer we lead out outselves and protect the equity we have in the hand. We can get called by worse but we also fold out a lot of 6 out hands that are freerolling our vulnerable eights. In terms of preflop I like 3bet/calling versus a lot of players on this stack size, but we can't be sure it is +EV readless, or HUDless. So I do like calling knowing we won't get squeezed out too often by the BB and that actually BB can call with a lot of broadways we have implied odds against. Problem is BTN might not get it in as wide as they should and we could make a -EV call after 3betting. Our hand also plays poorly out of position on the flop against the button's calling range of our three-bet. Once we do check the turn though we have to call the bet and once we get this river, one of the best possible rivers for us, I think we are forced to call the river bet as well, but I don't like it. I think we could have made more money in the hand if we had seized the betting lead on the turn ourselves umbup:



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