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25NL Zoom 2p 5-Way Pot

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  • 25NL Zoom 2p 5-Way Pot

    Villain 3 is an unknown. Under such circumstances on the Turn, is it best to check and evaluate the River, cos his flop line could indicate a flush draw? With less than a pot size bet left, did I take the worst line of shoving here??

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    Yuck. Talk about worst possible turn card
    You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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      Well my analysis is:

      Your reraise certainly was correct. He would donk out very often with a draw there. Being a flushdraw or open ender.

      He could also be donking out with a pair of K's, a bluf and somethimes a set of 33's. But as the board is that wet and hitting a lot of the calling ranges 5way. I think with pocket 33's everyone would go reraise again. Concidering your call late position makes it unlikely you have set of QQ's or KK's.
      So at best you have 2pair, or big draw. Meaning you might easely call a reraise thinking you are commited.

      But thats not how it went. So the turn comes a 9c. Making it absolutely devestating. The open ender and flushdraw got there. (Assuming mostly he'd fold a gutshot when you reraised. Like A10 as he doesn't really get a good price to continue to float as there are so many ugly turn cards.)

      The thing is you onyl beat a worse 2pair which is unlikely. A float of A10 or KJ K10 KA maybe. Shoving there makes you only get called by better and worse isn't going to call. If he has it, the money will go in anyways. So the question was only whether you'd call or shove it yourself as previous aggressor.

      I think it's not too late to get away from this pot on such an evil turn and if you check he'll mostly check down worse hands.

      I could be wrong But I'm curious of what he had


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        Calling and raising flop both seem reasonable to me, keeping in mind that SBs donking range might be a lot stronger and you represent a superstrong hand by raising given th 5-way dynamic.

        As played I think that you might be valueowning yourself OTT by shoving since there are only a few worse hands that can/will call here and his line is pretty consistent with all the available draws OTF. I would check back here and reevaluate on the river based on rivercard and his action/sizing - probably folding to a shove, calling weaker bets and betting myself if he checks.
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          Thanks all for your replies! He had Ac2c, turning the nut flush, and I happened to suck out on him, hitting a K on the River. Should have checked the Turn


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            Your reraise looked so strong - like you had 2 pair or better ... imagine that

            So when the bb called ... like I can see how that might have had you disinclined to put him on a bare flush draw. I guess only JcTc was getting the right odds to call ... but then how could he know you didn't have AcKc and that his outs were good?

            So two wrongs make a right, isn't that how the saying goes?

            NW, did you ever play 10nl Zoom? How'd you find it - lots of regs? Lots of aggro with lesser hands?



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