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NL5FR JJ raise flop

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  • NL5FR JJ raise flop


    a tight UTG raises *3 so i flat in MP> is my raise big enuff on flop, the button im usually press at nl2 went to 70, and i thought it was a bit big?

    also, i check the turn as i think a Q hits villains range ( i had them on AK or AQ ) more than mine, and he mite be check calling as i showed agression on flop, maybe best to keep beting here? i sould of bet river tho as it got checked down i think?


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    Preflop play is perfect, definitely prefer flatting a tight UTG raiser with JJ here... 3-betting in this spot is usually a mistake vs a tight EP opener since their range is narrow anyway and your 3b will only fold out the bottom parts of that range (which JJ plays well against) and get action from QQ+ and AK. If his entire opening range UTG is like TT+ and AQ+ then QQ+/AK is about 55% of his opens... keep the bottom 45% in.

    On the flop I would flat here for the same reason. Raising his c-bet will tend to fold out the hands you're beating and only get action from QQ+. We can get called by TT and some % of the time by AK taking a card off, but it's just too thin a raise imo.

    You comment you put him on AQ or AK on the turn but I think this is too optimistic... it's unlikely he's calling your flop raise with AQ like ever, and only sometimes with AK (honestly probably you can cound 3 combos of AK, the suited ones that have a back door flush draw). Most of his range to call your flop raise is TT+ imo. Therefore I would definintely check back the turn, and would also check down the river... betting this river is way too thin I think, what worse hands will call? I doubt he'll hero us with TT or AK. What better hands will fold? None. So if we can't really get paid by worse or get better to fold, there's not much good that comes from betting so checking and showing it down is fine.
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