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GK's Theorem IV

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  • GK's Theorem IV

    villain was 28/22/AF3/AFq64/3B6/F3B47(362) tangled w villain b4 n capable of calling 3bets light in n out of position (K4s, 33, 87s, AKo, AKs) 1stly, was my mistake to nt 3b pre bigger? 2ndly, shuuda jus reshove on the flop allin? hw cud i hv played this hand any better, although i reckon he/she was nt gonna fold no matter wat w the nut flush draw on the flop...
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    Hi wikked,

    I think you played this fine. There's a little confusion preflop I think as you're asking if you should 3b pre bigger, but you're not 3-betting... you raised (2nd bet), the villain 3b you, and you're 4-betting. It's important to note because your read includes this villain calling 3-bets light but we probably don't have such a read vs. 4-bets which is probably a much stronger calling range (362 hands we probably don't have much sample size where he's faced a 4b yet). At any rate I might size the 4b a bit larger for value but not much, it's fine.

    On the flop I think shoving like you did (basically shoved) is perfect tbh. I think villains range to flat your 4b is pretty strong generally and includes mostly big pairs waiting for no ace or king to hit the board. This flop is perfect for that. If he called with a small pair and flopped a set he'd probably check to the 4-bettor and let you c-bet, then drop the hammer. This action by him I would almost always expect to be TT-QQ not wanting to let AK get a free turn card, and the nut flush draw semibluffing. We're a huge favorite over this range and we want to realize that equity right now on the flop before a scary card comes off for him... like when he's got JJ, he's likely to stack the flop off but a Q, K, A, or diamond on the turn may slow him down. Pull the hook on the big pairs now. The times he has AKd it's fine, he's not folding cause he's thinking he's got the nut flush draw + 2 overs and is flipping, but of course that's not accurate, his A and K are not outs and he's actually a 2-1 dog to us on the flop so getting this hand in the middle now is +EV for us too.
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      hey Dave,

      yea.. my bad, i was meaning the 4betting size, seldom get to 4bet this deep
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