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calling 3 bet from button

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  • calling 3 bet from button

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    91 hands VP16/PR7 3BET from blinds 15%

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    Personally I would have folded to the 3 bet after he got a caller. While KQc is a good hand I find that when in this situation you are almost always behind. Calling flop bet was even more nuts to me. You're doing what we would want from our opponents which is calling with a draw. You got lucky on the turn and it paid off cause he wasn't letting go of their AA which was played poorly. If I was the AA here the post flop would have been a shove. evil:
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      Hi kingkong,

      I agree, this is just a fold preflop. I suspect you got a bit caught up by the large 3b % from the blinds of 15%. And while he might be 3-betting out of the blinds frequently vs. a steal raise, I would expect his range to be pretty snug here for the following reasons:

      -The opener is not in a steal position
      -There is a 2nd player (you) who has shown interest in contesting this pot
      -Either player if they continue in the hand will have position on him
      -The raise sizing looks like a solid value type size

      KQ doesn't play well vs. a legit snug 3-betting range. And the opener will has continued as well... they'll often have a range that KQ doesn't play well against either in this spot, AQ, AK, pocket pairs. The flat of the opener was fine but with this new information when the action comes back to you, it's time to abandon ship imo.

      I also don't like the flop call... you have only 4 outs that you like, I think the overcards are too tainted to count here as the villains line to this point screams overpair. Vs. JJ your Q isn't an out. Vs. QQ likewise, and your 4x jacks only chop, don't win. Vs. KK or AA neither overcard is an out for you. If he was repoppoing a bit lighter than JJ pre he's now flopped a set. Just let this go.
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