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25NL Zoom KK Fundamental Spot

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  • 25NL Zoom KK Fundamental Spot

    Villain's an unknown. Could have made the 4bet larger like $6.75 for value and lower SPR. The dreaded Ace hits the board. SPR is less than 2. Check-fold is weak. Check-call keeps his range wide, but getting to river cheap, hoping he shows QQ is kind of optimistic. Bet-fold seems like the stronger play but by doing so, we narrow his range down to Ax. We have KK, it makes him less likely to show up with AK, but have seen players calling 4bets IP with AQ. Bet and call shove, we could be drawing to 13% against Ace-pair. Lol on the spot I felt neither here nor there, opted to be aggressive, bet-folding. After some thoughts, I think check-calling once, folding to future bets might be better, hope he checks Turn and River (though it feels weak). What's the best play here??umbup:
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    Those are real tricky spots and quite villain dependant for good decision making. So in general I think taking the straightforward approach of betting this flop serves the mere purpose of making decisions as easy as possible against an unknown. However the line probably fails to gain you any value especially if you cannot really call a shove or play further than the flop with the hand.

    Given those points I think that either betting way smaller to make him call with a wider range or checking are decent alternatives. The problem with xc is you represent excatly the kind of hand you are holding and if villain picks up on this he might be bluffing you on the turn too. Then again, since you are lacking reads it might still be a good idea to xc flop and give up on later streets or at least keep the option of making a calldown (e.g. if the board runs out in your favor). You still have at least a little equity going for your hand with backdoor straight/flushdraws and 2 Kings.
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      Thanks Felix!! Will keep that in mind Had a similar spot today, I x/c w KK, turn x/x, river he jammed on the Ace high board. Tough spot to play



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