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Zoom 88 vs Unknown.

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  • Zoom 88 vs Unknown.

    He donked in to me which made me think he had either hit the board had an overpair or was bluffing, then gave me basically 3:1pot odds on the turn to draw out to a full house, pocket pairs lower than 8 were in his range so I felt calling was the right move on the river considering he hadn't been that aggresive on any other street. Should I have 3 bet the flop and tried to take it down then rather than spew 20c calling two streets, or maybe 3 bet the turn and fold to a 4 bet/call? This seems like a pot I could easily of won with a little agressive.
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    Hi guyguyson,

    I think you played this hand just fine. To be honest I was actually deliberating about a thin valueraise on the river for a second - but then again, people could also be playing some bigger Overpairs like this.

    I dont think raising flop accomplishes anything besides making the opponent fold his bluffs or worse hands with small equity against your hand. You want to keep those hands in his range, extract more value on later streets and avoid bloating the pot in case he does have a monster this way.
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      I'm sorry, I have to disagree here as well. Was your opponent playing loose? Personally I would have 3x his flop bet and judge his perception of his strength by the time of his response. The turn 2 is scary and if was still betting into me I would/should fold. (easier said than done sadly) evil:
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        I didn't have any reads or stats on him. Seemed better to keep his range wide and get to showdown cheaply which he let me do, by calling i'm risking 28 cents to win 44 if I raise i'm risking 24 cents to win 27.


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          Yes there are pros and cons with every line we take but as I see this he wasn't letting you get to the river cheap, he was hoping you let him get to the river cheap. evil:
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