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can my call here ever be +ev

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  • can my call here ever be +ev

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    preflop: it's folded around, and you try to steal the blinds. 8,10 suited isn't the best hand for it, but it might be the correct play. It kind of depend on how long you've been at the table and what your read on the button and blinds is.

    Well, the button calls and you flop a set.

    On the one hand: yay me. On the other: I have the crappiest kicker ever. Stuff like AT and KT are certainly capable of calling in position there. Maybe even QT or JT, all depend on how often they've seen you try to steal from the cutoff. Still, you can't let this flop go. A c-bet is in order. He calls. oh well. What could he be calling with now? Any 10, or maybe a flush draw? Lessee what the turn brings.

    The turn's a complete blank, so we kinda have to follow through. A little over half pot, and now he makes an almost 3x potsized raise. It's just about 10x your bet. At this point, I'm never calling. All I have here is a bluff catcher. He can't be doing it with top pair since we have top set. So what can he be doing this with? In my mind, it's basically a better 10, or just maybe pocket 6 or pocket 2, I doubt he has an overpair as he probably would have raised preflop. And the overpair is the only thing we can beat here. Had he rased something like 60 cents, which would be normal, you might consider a call, but against this monster raise we are never good.

    I miust say I was surprised in the end at showdown. I sort of expected him to have a 10, but not with the 9 kicker. Alas, that's what you get at these stakes. He should not have called the preflop raise to begin with. All you can do here is smack your head into the wall, get back in your seat, and try getting your money back from the ATM to your left.
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      true pot was to small to make the call. i act to fast it was a bad call .cant be good often enough to make that a +ev call


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        Hi kingkong263

        Tough spot! Making a steal raise from postion preflop is fine with 108s if the blinds are pretty tight. If you have no read on the btn, then I would have perhaps folded just to play it safe.

        On the flop, you flopped trips, not a set. Trips are considerably weaker. Someone may have a full house, or a trip 10s and a better kicker. C-betting the flop looks great.

        Leading again on the turn looks fine, but the reraise from the villain is a problem. A read would help tremendously to know what this means. Without a read, I suggest assuming it means they have a strong hand. 66 for a full house and 10x are beating us. Would he have called preflop with a 10 and worse kicker than our 8? Probably not. Would he make this type of reraise with a draw or an overpair? Without a read I tend to play it very safe and just fold. If you think the villain could be playing a wider range then getting all in is ok.

        The main thing here is don't overvalue trips. They are not as powerful as a set where you hold a pocket pair.

        Hope this helps!

        Merry Christmas!

        Roland GTX



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