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2nl Zoom - ATs flopped 2 pair facing triple barrel.

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  • 2nl Zoom - ATs flopped 2 pair facing triple barrel.

    Both villains were unknown, however I did check and they were both single tablers. Preflop I flat the unknowns raise, I don't really see the point in 3betting as it'll be kinda turning my hand into a bluff as I can't call a 4bet. The guy behind me comes along and I flop 2 pair. The UTG villain cbets and I think I can either call or raise here. If I raise then he'll continue with the top of his range, although I do beat some of his calling range I would rather keep his range as wide as possible. Also by flat calling I can gain value from the second villain calling behind. I elect to flat and the second villain calls. The turn gives me a heart draw on top of my 2 pair and the villain 2nd barrels for 2/3 pot. Again I don't like raising here as I think it will allow him to fold hands I beat, mainly TP, that may fire the river. I call, the other villain folds and the river bricks out. The villain now fires the 3rd barrel moving all in, putting me to a tough decision (well for me)... I think I basically have to decide if the villain would triple barrel like this with top pair and without reads I really don't know If he takes this line with TP then it's a call, but if not then I can't call and the only TP that makes sense is AK and maybe AJ. He's obviously gonna show up with AQ/KJ as well as flopped sets. So... Should I call? Also should I have raised at any point in the hand given the connected flop, or was my passive line okay? Thanks for any help Oliver umbup:
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    i dont see how you can fold the river with 2 pair . the pot is so big if u though your hand was good on the flop and good on the turn nothing changed. i would have shoved the turn with 2 pair and nut flush draw. i dont know the numbers but . if you are building pots that big and folding , try folding the flop or turn


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      Hi Croyd,

      I like your line on all streets and it probably is a very close decision on the river.

      Since villain fired through 3 streets against what initially was 2 opponents and him being the UTG opener I think the range he gets to the river with is really strong. The only worse hands he could potentially be valuebetting is AK or QT. The latter is not going to be in UTG opening ranges very often.

      In my eyes a realistic 3barreling range here looks something like this:

      { AA, QQ, TT, AQs+, ATs, KJs, QTs, AQo+, ATo, KJo }

      Against that range Pokerstove gives us ~30% equity so its very close between calling and folding, and the latter is definitely no mistake imo.
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