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25NL 6-max zoom: T8s flopped flush vs bad river card

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  • 25NL 6-max zoom: T8s flopped flush vs bad river card

    Hi, preflop: I decide to flat call 8Ts against a 21/14 player since this kind of hand can flop really well. flop: as flops go, this is the nuts. we only lose to a J high flopped flush which is a hand i m staking against obviously. so i go for the good ol' check raise for value against the Ax range that he opens from the cutoff. turn: keep firing for value. not much to say here. river: puke... after following m line up to this point his range should be really strong n this card completes all sorts of full houses with AQ AK. therefore i just check planning to fold to a big bet. given his bet size, i decided to make the crying call.... would you have played it differently and do you believe i should just fold even to this bet size?

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    Heys f1n, tough river spot. I think when he called the raise on the flop, he's got to have a decent hand. 2 pairs combinations will include KQ, AK, AQ. JT or a set would have gone all in on the flop. I feel the small bet's wanting a call for sure. If he wanted to bluff, his bet would have been larger. KQ's gonna be more afraid because its 2 pairs just got counterfeited. I highly doubt KQ'll bluff because our flop line screams at least an Ace. Thus I'd probably fold, exhibiting my weak-tight personality again, instead of praying he holds AJ or AT lol

    What could have been done differently is to lead the flop because we don't want to let him check the flop. Any heart on the turn could leave us pondering if we still have the best hand.


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      maybe 4 bet on flop your out of position . apart from that well played


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        Originally posted by kingkong263 View Post
        maybe 4 bet on flop your out of position . apart from that well played
        In order to have a 4-bet possibility on the flop, u first need to have a 3-bet

        The flop action was just a check-raise, he didn't put in the 3-bet


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          Personally I don't like the flatcall from the SB with such a marginal hand. The only real reason I would see in flatting this is the opener being a very weak player who I have good postflop reads on and who I think is going to pay me off big if I hit.

          The downsides are pretty big with you not being able to close the action and being OOP postflop and you will have to make up for that.

          As played I would either bf the river smallish to get value from Ax or xf if you think that villain will not really call any worse hands. Then again, if that is the case there you have a reason why flatting T8s pre from the SB could have been a slightly -EV decision in your game against this villain.
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