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25NL Zoom Check-Raise Range?

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  • 25NL Zoom Check-Raise Range?

    Villain 5 was 24/19 over 139 hands. F3B: 75% (4), 4bet: 0% (4), Flop Cbet 50% (2), Check-raise: - I took the non-standard line of flatting the PFR because SB was a wild squeezer, wanted to get him into the pot. He folded this hand so we're headsup with Villain 5. We flop pretty decently. But he did the 4x check-raise which made me really feel like puking. If it was 2.5x or 3x, I'd have made the call. If I had made this call, I'll have almost committed 30% of my stack- what if he barrels again. It felt like a bet to protect his hand. Maybe he hit his trips. Not sure if 77 to TT will take this line. I took the weak line of folding, paying him off $2, instead of going to battle in which I'll be praying he's on a flush draw. Should we be worried about AA, KK, 4x over here? What should we do??

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    Really interesting spot TANW.

    As far as his range is concerned, I cannot really see many 4x hands in a 24/19 player's range in MP. If there is a 4x hand in his range it should be A4s. The reasoning behind such a bet, could be either to get you out of the pot with the folding equity of a flush draw or for protection for pocket pairs 77-JJ, that are afraid to c-bet, get called and face a difficult turn card. Imho, 66 shouldn't be in his range, since with his raise size, he seems to be happier not seeing you get all the money in the middle. AA and KK could be included in his "protection" range, but even that seems unlikely since there are not many cards that AA & KK are afraid of.

    All in all, I would be more inclined to believe he takes this line on a flush draw + overs instead of a really strong value hand.
    Hope this makes any sort of sense.


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      Makes sense f1n. Weak play by me, thinking too much. Also think we should be more wary of minraises more than larger raises. Cos like you said, larger bet sizing is just to get me out of the pot. So if we assume we're ahead on the flop, get it all in there?


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        Since preflop raisers pretty much polarize their range when they take such an unconventional line I am not willing to fold my hand here when it is at the very top of my handrange on such a great board texture.

        Since he might weigh your range more towards smaller overpairs he might also be taking that line with TT+/99+. His sizing also looks a lot like a xr semibluff with a combodraw. I would just get it in right here against that range and not worry about it too much.
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          Thanks Felix, arghh another mistake to fold possibly the best hand. Weak play



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