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any thoughts

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  • any thoughts

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    tight very agressive very high 3 bet% from every where way more high than a MSS player

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    Usually I'm just folding pre here.
    If he is a 3bet maniac, why are you 4betting AJ? Are you willing to ship it in pre?

    As played, I like the flop check but I hate the turn c/r.
    I think turn should have gone either: c/c or bet (you do pick up a gutter to add to your equity; but you will fold out bluffs and all PP by shoving here and you will get snap called by better) it looks like you've turned your hand to a bluff here.

    So c/c or bet and re-evaluate river


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      yes i have some huge holes in my game. i have moved down to nl0.01-0.02, to fix the holes in my game. thanks for the input


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        Hi kingkong,

        even though you have the impression that villain 3bets a ton from different positions I dont like flatting the 3bet OOP with that hand. Your equity advantage will probably be quite small while your positional disadvantage is huge. That makes it hard to fight back even though you feel you might get bluffed here some of the time.

        Having said that I actually kind of like your postflop play. I wouldnt necessarily xr the turn but just calldown instead and let him hang himself. The problem is: If you get it in on that board chances are that you still might end up seeing 2pair or better most of the time.
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