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Gkt iii

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  • Gkt iii

    villain is 64/3/AF3/AFq59(34) called raises from blinds w A6s J5s A9o, limp n called raise w T8s, A4o this is one of those spots I really really hate.. The huge shove on the river, and they seem to be happening to me so very often recently Right fold, good bluff or the villain had the nuts?
    Bracelet Winner

  • #2
    Press that fold button!

    Here is a maybe useful thought to have in this situation:

    if my opponent is bluffing, could they not have bluffed for less? For what reason would they bluff this size, on this turn/river combination. After all the flop flush draw came in, didn't it?

    So which hands make sense to bluff with that call your flop raise?

    Not too many. This opponent is wild and might have some, but I think they will have a flush more often.

    I would not mind bet/folding the turn to be honest, with a plan of checking back a fair number of rivers. If our opponent raises this turn after we bet, our equity is likely zero, or low enough that we are fine with folding. If they call, we likely have the best hand, and by a wide enough margin that we are happy to get check-called.

    That would also reduce some of our stress later, in spots like this


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      i did Gareth.. been burnt enough to click the fold button... lol

      i jus find it amusing that folks wud jus shove such a huge river overbet on a small pot so very often n maybe not find that a smaller call-a-ble river bet wud b more profitable in the long run?
      Bracelet Winner



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