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2NL - leading flop with top two in limped pot

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  • 2NL - leading flop with top two in limped pot

    Hi, zero reads and stats 1. Do you like the SB complete or would you have gone for a raise? 2. Do you like the donk bet on the flop? If not why and what would be a better line? 3. Do we check call river to let missed draws bluff at it?

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    Hey Geo

    I think we can go either way on the river. But I personally prefer bet/folding for value. That is betting expecting my opponent to call with a high number of worse hands and to only raise hands that beat mine.

    I would have also raised preflop, while completing is definitely +EV, I think raising would have been more +EV. Our hand plays well out of position with the initiative since we can barrel, that is continuation bet on the flop, the turn, and maybe even the river!, with our overcards, straight draws, gutshots, which we will often have, and our hand flops a decent top pair.

    We should definitely lead out. We have a value hand now, that is, a hand that can be called by worse hands. We also have a clear incentive to not have this flop check around and let our opponent's see a free turn card with their weak one diamond hands.

    Finally the river, I prefer bet/folding because the passivity of our opponent indicates to me that he is more likely to check back when checked to with hands we beat than to bluff with a missed draw. If we are checking, we are checking to check-call, there is no check-fold in this spot, because of the obvious missed draws and the plausibility of our opponent holding one of them.

    So if you are reticent to check-call, the obvious solution is to bet/fold


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      Hi Gareth,

      Reason why I do not raise preflop here is that I keep hands that I dominate which could fold to a raise like Qx/Jx and it can also be used for deception when we hit 2 pairs or straights as our opponents would expect us to raise such a hand pre.

      On the river, I was thinking of either a check/call or bet/fold. I agree that a bet/fold would have been a better option since a Qxd would still call our bet and would probably check behind here. Maybe by betting we might even get a weak flush to fold? (Maybe)

      Would you go for a small blocking bet or something like 1/2 pot?



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