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NL5FR timing tell?

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  • NL5FR timing tell?


    just curious what u think of timing tell, ill give example

    i raise 107s from button, sb calls, flop is 26Kr perfect to bluff,
    ok now villain tanks for ages afetr i c-bet , they nearly timed out, why would they do this, im think there checking there HUD and seeing watever they do like how many times i c-bet ect,

    i hit flush draw on turn and use it to semi bluff,( coz timing tell made me think weakness) what do u think of people taking ages to take a decision tho, they could be pretending there slow, or there confused maybe they not sure what to do, coz there weak?

    edit..sry forgot to ask, can these peeps that are usuing HUDs, can they see what cards i have when they chek the hand history even tho i always muk?
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    Hi Taxed,

    There are a number of reasons someone might take a lot of time. Being confused on what to do is one of them. So is checking stats. Another common one might be multi-tabling, and they are in a big pot/tough situation on another table. Sometimes trainers will dip into the time bank while explaining their thought process in a spot to the class before actually taking the action. Although it's not the case here since villain just acted from the SB, in preflop spots maybe they just ran quick to the fridge or restroom after folding the prior hand. Maybe their spouse walked in and is showing them something. Lots of valid reasons.

    Regarding seeing your cards you mucked the answer is only if the hand went to showdown. If you folded to a bet no one can see those cards. If you went to showdown everyone can see them even though on the table you may have mucked the loser (don't need a stat tracker for this, anyone can do it in the instant hand history window).

    In the hand the turn semibluff is fine BTW. He may peel the flop light sometimes but now fold to a 2nd barrel. If he calls again, I'm generally not bluffing the river as his range would seem to be weighted towards Kx then and I'm not expecting him to check-fold top pair on the river (value bet the flush if you get there, and consider a bluff on an ace where he might fold a hand like KT... don't bluff a station though, no reads so no advice).
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      nice one



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