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NL5FR AKs float

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  • NL5FR AKs float


    basic question here , i call with AKs felt it was good enuff to call rather then 3 bet, altho i hate calling

    anyway flop is dry villain bets turn pairs baord villain checks so obv no set or they would have full house

    is this ok to float and bet turn with air still could hit my overs on river if called, or should check and see river then maybe bluff?


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    Hi Taxed,

    I would generally 3b for value vs. a fishy player (not playing a full stack is the only read, you have a habit of not providing any reads, do you use stats/reads/notes when you play?? ). But if there are fishy players in the blinds then flatting and inviting them into the pot has a lot of merit for sure.

    Floating this flop is fine imo, but I actually don't like the big turn bet. There's a decent chance you have the best hand now when he checks to you. But ask yourself, are you betting for value or as a bluff? If you have the best hand a free card isn't a concern as he's likely only got 3 outs. But he will probably fold AQ high and worse to a 3/4 pot bet, so it's not a value bet (worse won't call). And he will check-call with middling pairs like 88-TT so it's not a bluff (better won't fold). If the bet isn't a good value bet nor a good bluff, then usually better not to bet. I prefer checking it back, then calling a river bet (we have induced some bluffs by worse hands) and would consider a thin value bet if checked to again (a bet of like .40c may well get paid off by worse ace highs after he checks to us twice).
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      yeah that makes better sense than my reasoning

      no i dont have stats at the moment, i just rite notes and afetr a few orbits i know roughly how everyone is playing but i keep most of it in my head.

      i downloaded the trial for holdemanger2 in my lapto recently but it lagged really bad, so i think i need stronger computer



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