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2nl Zoom - JJ OTB, Can I call a limp shove?

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  • 2nl Zoom - JJ OTB, Can I call a limp shove?

    Gonna keep this one short and sweet...
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    The two players limp and I make a std iso raise to 5x. The initial limper then shoves. A limp shove is indicative of a really strong hand, so he's basically repping QQ+ AKs AKo against this range I can't make a profitable call however if you throw a few lower pairs such as TT and 99 then I have enough equity to make the call +EV. Any chance he's doing this with worse or are we always getting shown a premium if we make the call? Cheers Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver,

    I don't know. Stats?

    Vs. a tight/nitty guy we have a really easy fold. Vs. a super loose aggro, there's plenty chance he's got worse in his range and I'd snap it in.

    With no reads at all other than a random 61bb stacker, I reckon I'd take my chances here and give him a call. He doesn't need too many 99 or A4s spazzes for this to quickly become profitable.
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      Most times, I'd fold here.. Like u said, a limp shove is an indication of a "monster"?? and JJ dun play well against AA KK QQ, even AK AQ if any A K Q turns up on the board we're toast

      Then again i'm a nit and i'd prob wait for another hand/opportunity to get the chips back n move on to the next

      But with no stats and/or reads, it's a tough one...
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        Agree it's a tough one. For me, I'll fold if it's 100bb effective stack, call if it's around 50bb


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          im prety polorized here, if im having a good day and up a few buy ins ill call, if im having a bad day ill fold:P

          mind u somtimes if having a bad day ill tilt call, so im actually a bit triple range merging



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