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5NL 6max wet flop

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  • 5NL 6max wet flop

    Hi, Not sure what the best play is here. UTG is a new player to me CO 26/18/2,5 BB 15/10/1.0 I decided to flat because I don't know they UTG player. Due to that CO and BB where in the hand too. But don't know if BB would fold his TT. Flop nut straight but all hearts. my girl loves lots of hearts but in this case not me As I really expected at least one player with hearts. So I decided to lead out but too many callers. Should I take another line here? Ferdy
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    Hi Ferdy umbup:
    So I decided to lead out but too many callers.
    Too many callers? Why is that? I think on the flop getting that many callers is an indication to us that our hand is the best one as future over callers would have an incentive to raise any better hand given all the action they see in front of them. On the turn our hand is as vulnerable as ever, there is much value to be had, much protection to be had, and no guarantee people are going to bet if we check to them. I would continue to lead for value. If we do get raised we can decide to throw it away then. But if I am going to check it would be to check-raise all-in assuming that most flushes that are worse than the nut flush would raise the flop most often in this large multiway situation. So I think the main mistake is clearly made on the turn. What was the purpose of leading the flop? I think it was a good play but we need to bet the turn for the same reason, we are out of position, we have the best hand now the vast majority of the time and can get paid on it, we are vulnerable to the river, we have multiple opponents who may have distinct outs versus us (ie one has board pairs the other has hearts or a T). River is an easy check-fold. Our hand is officially ruined by this river ! Hope that all makes sense



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