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2nl Zoom - AKo OOP, should I ever be calling here

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  • 2nl Zoom - AKo OOP, should I ever be calling here

    Whether it's 2nl or 5nl I'm finding I have the same conundrum when OOP with AKo. Against a villain who is unknown, as is the case here, I'm finding it very difficult to decide what to.
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    I make a std open and get 3 bet by an unknown BTN to 3x my bet; it's folded round to me and now I have to decide what to do, I don't think I should ever straight up fold here so that leaves 4 betting or calling. I think 4 betting is the obvious choice however I'm either winning a small pot when doing so or losing a big one... So should I call here some of the time? Calling seems pretty bad to me as I'll be OOP without initiative with a hand that will often flop A high. However I have some issues with 4 betting as well... Although 4 betting gives me initiative post flop it opens me up to a 5 bet which I'm not comfortable getting it in against. I find that most players that are 5 betting in the said spot are doing so with QQ+ AKo and AKs that leaves me with a hand that is a 60-40 dog against there range in a spot I have to call as I've built a large pot. In this spot when I make a 4 bet I'm betting between 55c-60c; thus if they shove I'm getting just about the required odds to call. Should I start sizing my 4 bets smaller to around 45c thus giving me (slightly) worse odds if they ship it in and allowing me to get away from the hand? Thanks for any help Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver,

    I would 4bet here and be ready to get it in pre.
    You could vary your play by flatting, but it is more powerful to do so IP rather than OOP since we will not be hitting on most flops so we need position for information if we are to take down the pot.
    I would make my 4bet to 21-22bb and mix in some 4bet bluffs also against the right opponents.

    When we 4bet in this spot, we could also win it out right if our opponent 3bets with a polarized range. On the occasions that he shoves, we will have to call due to pot odds. 4bet/folding is a big mistake since you have already commmitted a big chunck in the middle.

    I'd only consider folding preflop to a 3bet if our opponent 3bets < 2%

    I hope that makes sense.



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      Hi Oliver,

      I would generally 4b/get it in here vs. an unknown. It's just so hard to play well out of position especially against an unknown. 4-betting should be +EV on 100bbs, even though sometimes you'll get 5b and run into KK+. There'll be enough times you run into QQ-, other AK's, the occassional spaz, plus all the times you get folds, and sometimes flatted and folded to on your flop c-bet. Or make the best hand. When you do get 5b and feel like blech, just remember all the other components that go into this line and that this is just one of them.

      Also it adds some value to your 4b range that isn't AA or KK so you're not just 4-betting the nuts nor just a polarized range of the nuts and resteals.

      With reads or a different depth of money other lines might be preferred but in this case I'd stick with 4-betting.
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