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25NL 6-max Zoom: AA preflop line

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  • 25NL 6-max Zoom: AA preflop line

    Hi all, We open for our standard 3x and we get 3-bet straight away from an unknown(just 15 hands on him in zoom) and on top of that the button decides to cold 4-bet (26/19 with 0% 3-bet over around 50 hands). When the action got back to us, i decided to 5-bet, basically revealing a really strong hand on my part and not play it try and smooth call the 4-bet. The reason for that is that the 4-bettor seemed a tight 3/4 bettor, over the hands i had on him, so he either had a really strong hand or he was making a move with a funky hand. In case he holds i called and he holds a funky sort of hand i would be out of position against possibly 2 players and the most important thing is i would not be able to guess if the flop hit them or not. Do you consider calling here a valid alternative and if so, how do i proceed post-flop (check-raise almost any flop and get it in)?
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    Hi f1nlaion A very good hand to post I think because it is not always discussed. I think, besides folding, you actually chose the worst option here. Well I guess folding is much worse! But you know what I mean. I mean to say that I think both shoving and calling are better than four-betting to this size. Let me talk about the merits of each calling and shoving first before this size. Calling: We keep in the three-better and ensure that we at the least, see a flop, one way or another. We are doing two things: preventing the three-better from hero folding preflop (worried about the four-better) and getting to potentially stack hands that can flop second best hands they otherwise would not have. So I mean like a hand like 79 that flops 953 with a backdoor flush draw might just feel obliged to go with it. I think the pot is going to just be too big that a) it is going to be hard for us to make a post-flop mistake with aces and b) it is going to be easy for our opponent(s) to make a large mistake post-flop. This is -- entirely -- by virtue of our hand's strength and the way it plays in a huge 4 bet pot. Shoving: We represent the widest range of strong hands -- but to be sure -- our opponent's will know we have strong hands. We can get all the money in with certainty and the best hand. So I think that four-betting to 9$ though is going to give our opponent the opportunity for one of them to hero fold. The three-better has to be worried about both of you, this particularly concerns me. If we call, the three-better can always reopen the action and we can get everyone's stack. So I default to call. umbup:


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      Thanks a lot for your in-depth (as always) analysis Gareth

      To even think this was a close spot then!
      LOL @ me. What a donkey!!


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        oops - had two threads open and posted in the wrong one ...




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