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NL2FR got min raised with 2nd nut set

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  • NL2FR got min raised with 2nd nut set


    ok here first of all i usually play nl2 just becouse i think thats all u need to play to learn the game, but geting bored crushing it so i move up, and find im thinking a bit harder and in some spots maybe a bit nittier, like here for ex.

    Curious what u think of just calling when i bet river and got minraied wich looks like the nuts KK slowplayed would seem to make sense so i just this too nitty, i was gonna raise all in, maybe just coz i moved up a stake i didnt wanna take the risk.wasnt sure tbh.

    i was planning on a chek raise on flop but i didnt expect villain to check flop after raising reads apart from villain was 100 bbs and rebuys and raised standard *3 prolly reg.


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    Hi Taxed,

    It's a weird spot for sure. I think checking the flop going for a check-raise is fine vs. an unknown UTG raiser. I also don't mind leading the flop small and giving him a chance to value raise us with worse hands like AK and AA or posture with weaker hands. His line of checking back the flop, and calling the turn, looks a lot like a medium strength hand with showdown value or a draw that he's choosing to play passively. I tend to doubt KK (although it's not impossible) since the board is so wet and if he checked the flop to slow play this for some reason it was probably intent on raising the turn. Especially with the wet board. It's also unlikely that he's opened UTG with 69 or 64 (and not c-bet them too).

    I think the most likely possibilities here are that he's either hit a set on the river with 88, made some goofy 2 pair like 78s, or is just bluffing a busted draw. Given that I think I would shove for value. He's never goin gto see us being this strong, so I think we're getting snap called by 88 and freak 2 pair hands, or a weirdly played AA. He'll fold bluffs of course. An intersting alternate line might be to click it back. If we make it 2.05 he is probably still shipping 88 and may level himself into shipping bluffs.
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      yeah when the turn didnt get raised on wet board confused me, some players play so bad its hard to tell waht there doing lol



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