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25NL Zoom Set Turn Line?

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  • 25NL Zoom Set Turn Line?

    Villain was 36/10, AF: 2.1 over 39 hands. Flop cbet: 0% (1), Flop fold to cbet: 0% (5), Flop raise cbet: 40% (5). Leads me to believe he's a loose aggressive player. Flop he raises our cbet. Not sure if he held 98. But he might be doing so with hands like AT, 76 or just a flush draw. My mistake was reraising him too small, should have raised to $9 or $10. Turn another heart comes, he checks. I took the bet-fold line. Is it alright not checking back as I didn't want to see another heart appear?

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    Hi TANW,

    I definitely like 3-betting his flop check-raise. There are many worse made hands as well as draws that can call us. I think your raise sizing is fine... why do you think it's too small? You bet 1.25, he c/r 1.25 to 2.50, and you're reraising 4.25 to 6.75. That seems pretty good to me. $10-$11 would be a huge overbet that will lose action from the parts of his range you're crushing like AT or JJ.

    On the turn I would check it back here when the turn card completes a lot of the flopped draws. It's a disaster to bet and get check-raised off a hand that has 10 outs to a winner on the river. And if this card did not improve him, then it's probably scary to him and he's just going to fold (hands like AT or JJ without a heart, but these hands will bluff catch us on blank rivers if we check now). And if he's aggro post flop then checking back gives him the opportunity to bluff rivers that don't improve him, which we'll be able to call and pick off (or raise if we fill).
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