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25NL Zoom AKs Multiway

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  • 25NL Zoom AKs Multiway

    Villain 5: 16/14, AF: 1.0 after 70 hands. F3B: 0% (1) Villain 3: 44/7, AF: 0.5 after 41 hands. No stats on 3bet% and Cbet%. F3B: 0% (1), Flop FCB: 89% (9). He had limp-folded to me at SB and MP when I raised previously. So I assume he's pretty weak. Loose-passive. PF: Didn't take the standard line of 3-betting. I flat with AKs, planning to get the fish into the pot. 3-betting will probably get the regular to fold worse hands and 4bet with premiums. Target was the LP. LP squeezes small. First time he 3bets, and it's multiway, presumed it's strong. Don't know if 4-betting or flatting is better. Flop: Nice flop for us. BVMCB for value. LP's range could be capped at JJ to KK. Turn: Bet again for value and charge any flush or straight draws. LP minraises us. Did the 9 change anything? Possible that he hit 99, 2 pairs, or slowplayed a set 88 or 77 on the flop. It seemed real strong, I assumed my TPTK was no good thus folded. Is there any line I should have taken differently and what could the fish's range be?

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    Your spots seem more difficult to evaluate than mine :P

    His line seems really strong there. A set of slowplayed Aces would definitely fit his range pretty well there. Apart from that, all possible sets are there obviously. About two pairs i m not so sure because would he 3 bet 89, 79 or A9 there? i wouldn't think so. On the other hand, those kind of players do the min 3-bet with nuts and some times they snap and make it with some random hand like A9 or 89s but i wouldn't bet too much on that really. I think a read on his 3-betting hands there would solve the issue for good....

    All in all i think it 's a very good bet/fold on the turn. because against this kind of opponent u would lose value for sure if u checked behind the turn for pot control....

    cya at the tables


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      Hey TheAwesome

      Sorry I have not been keeping up with HA this week. I have been swamped honestly.

      I think you played this hand perfectly.

      On the turn we should suspect that our opponent has a worse hand than ours and has a substantially wide check-calling range. That all adds up to a value bet. But what about when he raises?

      Well then I think in that case we should be definitely folding!

      Basically, it seems to me, that our opponent is offering us the opportunity to play perfectly in this situation. That's because he check-folds worse hands, check-calls worse hands, and check-raises better hands. So therefore our strategy should be to bet/fold for value.

      Now what hands make sense for him to play this way? Well none really. But what hands would we expect to see from him if we shined some hole card flashlight over his cards? I think aces up and sets are going to make up a decent portion of his range. He can also, as strange as it seems, have JT some amount of the time.

      I like your preflop play. You keep everyone's ranges wide and you have position. You give yourself the chance to flop in position with the most dominating hand .

      Didn't work out this time but like the plan and the play.


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        @f1n: Yea agree that the minraise was sick, don't think he's ever bluffing so folding was best! Hope I had more hands on him to gauge his squeeze range

        @Gareth: No problem, getting these hands analysed is a privilege to us, not an entitlement. I'm always grateful to all the trainers for putting in their time to comment on these spots. I think as a trainer, you can get the hole card flashlight from Pokerstars HQ, help me sneak out an additional piece, say you need 2 as there're 2 holecards Lol on a more serious note, I also put him on a set most of the time. Nice slowplay.



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