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5NL - Flopped set in three way pot on flush board

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  • 5NL - Flopped set in three way pot on flush board

    Hi, zero information on our opponents here. Any reasons to slow down after preflop raisers c/c on that flop? or should we be raising it up here?

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    It's possible that one of the players has flopped a flush, but the check-call by the player in the middle doesn't scare me too much. He might have the Kc for the nut flush draw, or a random ace that doesn't want to bloat the pot.
    The short stack is all in, and the other villain's call gives you decent odds to call and hit a boat/quads even if you're behind. You've got 7 outs to hit it on the turn, and 10 on the river. Sometimes your set will hold up anyway against random pairs and two pairs, so I'm certainly not folding.
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      Hi geo,

      I see no reason to slow down, put V6 all in imo. It's possible he's slwoplaying KcQc on the flop of course, but more likely he's got a hand like AK that is hoping to keep the pot under control or a flush draw that isn't super happy with the situation like QcQx. Regardsless, I think we are ahead here the great majority of the time, but a 4th club either pulls V6 ahead of us or completely kills our action. And we have plenty of outs when behind against everything except specifically AA (which seems an unlikely holding given the line he's chosen). With 2.08 in the pot now I'd just put his last 2.52 in the middle while he can still make a call off with AK putting us on a draw or maybe fold a non-nut single club that has equity it's not sure about.
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        Thanks Dave. I did end up shoving there and CO called with the nuts Kc9c.



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