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was this a bad call?

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  • was this a bad call?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Peronally, I'm mucking the AQ. It's raised, called, 3-bet, you 4-bet and then the next guy 5-bets. AQ is never good here. I'd expect the guy to show up with AK, QQ, KK, AA most the time.
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      instant fold,IMO
      I'd only call there with QQ+, AKs


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        Instant fold. I'm only call there with QQ+, AKs


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          sorry for the double post. not sure how to delete.


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            the shove looks incredibly strong, I'm surprised he didn't think longer about the queens. Very easy fold for you, I'm mucking queens in that spot , only calling with aces or kings


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              i ranged him 88+ AJs+ and the 3 bet to 0.62 was a joke i took that as a limp . the MSS player will shove pretty wide there . and i had to call $9 or $10 to win $15 tohought i was flipping . but after i thought about it , i am thinking the same as u guys.


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                Hi kingkong,

                I agree with all the responders, although the guy is playing a half stack the shove facing a raise from V7 and 3b from you looks very strong, AQ is a pretty big underdog in this situation. Unless V2 is a total maniac which we weren't given any reads.

                BTW the range you gave him of 88+, AQo+, AJs+ is actually pretty maniac like imo given the strength he's facing when he shoves, and you're not flipping against that range, AQo is actually a 62-38 dog even against that wide a shoving range. His shoving range (readless) is almost always tighter than this, and the tighter it gets the worse a spot it becomes for AQo. He has to be routinely spewing it in with all kinds of garbage regardless of others actions for us to start thinking about calling this off imo.
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                  I don't put a single cent into this pot, let alone stack off.
                  There's a limp UTG and then a raise to 62c. Even if the raiser is isolating a bad player, AQ doesn't play particularly well 3-way. There's still 2 players to act after you, not including UTG, who might be limp-reraising a monster. After you 3-bet, the shove is incredibly strong, since he's doing it with 3 people already in the pot and another still to act. Get out of there, man!
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