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25NL Zoom Flopped Nuts Line

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  • 25NL Zoom Flopped Nuts Line

    Villain 1 was 31/8, AF: 6.0 over 18 hands, Flop FCB: 100% (1) Flop: Didn't bet because we can't fold better hands (quads), and I wasn't sure if worse can call. Sure we're losing value from smaller pocket pairs, but I didn't want to shut out those non-pocket pairs. Wanted to give QJ or 87 a free card to improve. Also let him bluff once to steal the pot from me. Turn: Led out because I didn't know if he'll bet again, didn't want to lose value. But I didn't like this decision though. Think that check/raising the turn, or leading out the river if he didn't turn bet, are better lines. What line should we take on flop and turn so we can maximise value?

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    Hi Awesome,

    Imo the simplest way is the best in this case. I would just go bet bet bet and take him to valuetown and in case he wants to pull a move on me on the way there, he is very welcome to do so.... . by checking we lose value from all the pocket pairs that simply do not believe our cutoff raise.

    I suppose if the opponent is super aggressive and would triple barrel with air when checked to him, there is some merit to checking. But in that case as well he might even bluff raise our c-bet as well on that board, not believing that it connected with our cutoff range in any way.

    Check calling the flop and check raising the turn, looks hella strong and wouldn't give us much value from his bluffs and made hands alike.



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      Hi TANW,

      I would generally c-bet the flop here, because we are expected to c-bet. And because people so often slowplay flopped quads that our best chance to look suspect in this regard is probably to just bet as normal. The problem with checking the flop as the preflop raiser is when we do take any aggressive action later in the hand it basically screams quads to anyone who isn't themselves holding the case ace.

      When we bet the flop he's going to continue with:

      -pocket pairs

      So maybe bet flop, check-call turn (to give floats a chance to bluff), and bet river if he checks the turn back (to get bluff caught by pocket pairs).
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        Hey guys thanks. Didn't realise that check/call, check/raise screams strength. Will keep that in mind!!



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