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25 NL 6-max zoom: QQ top set against turn checkraise

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  • 25 NL 6-max zoom: QQ top set against turn checkraise

    Hi all, preflop: i decide to flat call the UTG's 4x raise to avoid a really difficult decision if he 4-bets my 3-bet and QQ also have a good playability postflop. flop: we flop the nuts of course (with top set) and the pre-flop aggressor checks to us, so we obviously go ahead and valuebet him, expecting to get calls from possible flush draws that decided to play it funky or smaller pairs that were afraid of the Q. turn: again the pot is checked to us and we continue building the pot for value. the opponent though surprises us and check raises our 4$ bet to 8$. Given the line that my opponent took i expected him to have really strong hands in his range there. I was pretty sure that he was holding something like 55 for a slowplayed set or 88 for a turned set and therefore decided to 3-bet him and get him to move all-in. after some serious thought from his part he ended up folding. so he was either bluffing and took the time for hollywooding or he simply did that with a flush draw and decided to not carry on hunting the flush. Given the line that he took on the turn what sort of hands would u put him on? Would it be better to smooth call his raise (because my 3-bet on the turn looks hellishly strong) and simply jam the river over him? Thanks!

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    Heys f1nlaion, how's it going? I'll take the same line as you simply because I want to charge him if he's on a flush draw. It'll be bad if a spade comes out. To add on, I don't expect a busted flush draw to be bluffing often on the river so the turn is the only spot where we can get the money in.

    Unlikely he held 2 pairs since the board's uncoordinated and he's opening UTG. Unlikely he'll take the flop line of check/call with AA, KK or AQ since there're 2 spades. So I think his range is pretty capped at a medium PP like 99 to JJ, or a flush draw like AKs. Doubt he can ever get away with a set (thus I'll opt to raise for value). Just my 2 cents worth


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      Hey f1lanion

      I think you played the hand very well. But on the turn I would just call hsi turn min checkraise. What are you so worried about that calling can't be better than raising?

      If he is bluffing calling allows him to bluff the river, or catch a pair with an AK type hand. If he had a flush draw he most likely, would have bet the flop as a continuation bet and if not, had check raised. We have the Qs so he can't have a qXss type hand that he decided to check-call the flop.

      If he has a set we are getting his entire stack no matter what the river card. Same goes for KK/AA/AQ for the vast majority, if not all, river cards. The reason being there will not be very much money left behind in the stacks in relation to the pot. He is kind of making it impossible to get away either if he is bluffing or if he is value betting.

      In a spot like this is seems much more likley that he is pure bluffing when he is bluffing as opposed to semi-bluffing since he would have most likely played his semi-bluffs differently. So for that reason I would call and call any river card, shoving for value if checked to.


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        Nice point that he'll be cbetting with his flush draws so we won't be worried about a spade on the river. Let him bluff 1 more street



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