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  • Would you make the call?

    Hey I was playing NL5 6max zoom and came up against this play.

    Haven't had any hand with the player in question, is goldstar.

    Here you can see the action don't have the replay tool installed:p (srry bout that:p)

    In my feel on these limits the checkraise on the flop on dry board is like nearly always a set.
    As we had over 100BB I think he might have called to setmine and stack me.

    I just feel that the only hands i beat are QQ, AJ and stone cold bluff.
    Smelled like a valueshove and had to run over things for over 100sec there.
    He is goldstar so might be playing higher stakes normally what would argue for more aggressive play. And he might think he's valueshoving AJ, QQ and AA there.

    I'd appreciate some thoughts.

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    ** moved to correct forum **
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      I have seen some use this tactic when bluffing, so it simply is villian dependant.

      Good luck
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        Had almost the exact same situation earlier but the flop came queen high, from the stats I had on him he seemed pretty loose so I called and of course he flipped over queens.


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          I'd fold pretty much instantly. The pot odds are so bad that villain has to be bluffing really often for it to be a profitable call for you. Even if he's spazzing out with AJ, he still has outs to beat you. I'd lay it down, as I prefer playing pots where I have a much better idea of where I'm at and the pot odds are more tempting. Call me a nit, but I hate risking my whole stack on a guessing game.
          Also, if I called and he showed a set, I'd feel like an idiot and would be tilted for a while afterwards, possibly leading to bad play on subsequent hands.
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            Hey Sentras

            I agree its not so clear that we should fold or call. If he is a gold star I would probably fold as I expect to see a set too often and like the previous poster mentions, our price isn't that good.

            As our opponent becomes worse, or we estimate them to be a worse player, the more often this becomes a call.

            I think the key is the texture of the board. With no flush draw out there the only draw it could make sense to play this way is 89s and he would have had to both opened that UTG and called our three-bet oop.

            I don't particularly like being so exploitable since I imagine some players at 5nl will play AJ and QQ this way. So I wouldn't fault you for calling without a strong read. But I think a goldstar player is unlikely to be doing this without the goods. A player playing 1 table with a bronze star on the other hand, is capable of such a wider variety of plays that I think we would have to look them up.

            Tough spot



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