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2NL Zoom KAo vs 88 unknown.

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  • 2NL Zoom KAo vs 88 unknown.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Should I have 3bet preflop? Calling seemed like the safer option considering he acted like he had QQ+ or AK and I could of gotten away cheaply if the flop missed me.

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    When villains 3-bet my UTG open, I usually give them a lot of respect, to the extent that I'd often fold AK in this situation.
    However, it really depends on reads. If villain is a decent TAG/nit, I'd fold. He's never 3-betting with worse, and you're in terrible shape against AA/KK. If he's more a lag or maniac, I'm happy to stack off pre, especially at 2NL, where villains don't understand position so well, as they'll 3-bet AQ or worse.
    In this hand, villain's 3-bet is quite large, so I'd be expecting aces or kings pretty often.
    Calling is sort of OK here, as you have position, but a fold or a 4-bet would probably be better, as you'll miss most flops and have to fold to c-bets pretty often. As you happened to flop TPTK in a 3-bet pot, stacking off is absolutely standard.
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      Hi Guy,

      The villain here is 3-betting you... your options are to 4b, call, or fold. And yes fold is a valid option. Without any read on the opponent I think this line looks very strong. We have raised UTG, and he's 3-betting from out of position when he could have opted to simply call and see the flop for more. Not only that, but this is a huge bet sizing by the villain making it 15x. You yourself thought his range was QQ+ and AK... well it's ok to fold AK vs. this range as your hand plays terribly against it. If you miss you'll fold to a c-bet. If you hit, you'll only get action when tied or beat and are unlikely to get action if you've taken the lead. It's not a good situation.

      With reads this might be a call or a 4b, but in some cases and without them I think it's actually ok to just fold here.
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