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25NL Zoom KK vs unknown

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  • 25NL Zoom KK vs unknown

    Again one of the typical spots, just that this time Villain4 limp-4bets, not limp-3bet, which indicates he has a premium and not goofing around. No reads against this complete unknown. We're not deepstacked, only 130bb effective, so I think Kings are too strong to flat or fold to unknowns on the whole. Are we happy getting all in with Kings?
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    i was shove my opinion is KK never fold preflop, it's a gamble ,you have to try.. maybe iam wrong but cash game and just 130BB, shove and pray


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      Agreed. He does this with AA, but likely also with stuff like KK, QQ, and maybe even AKs, JJ, TT. Can't be afraid they have AA everytime they 3-bet your pocket Kings.
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        I would fold and not worry about it.

        Alternative is to call and try to keep his range wide, but I would never five bet here.

        Fold > Call > Wagering all the chips

        What I am trying to say is that, whatever you decide on, five-betting at this stack depth against the range this play represents has to be the worst option, and for what its worth, its the worst option by a lot.


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          Actual hand we won after 5-betting and calling the 6-bet all in. But he had Aces haha. Just didn't know if he'll do the same thing with AK or QQ. Calling to keep his range wide is something new, will try that the next time


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            yeah Awesome

            I think your analysis in the early post really lays out the groundwork for why we shouldn't be comfy here. He didn't just limp 3bet, he limp-4bet. I don't think QQ or AK does that, to this specific size, out of position. I fold kings preflop more than most (maybe more than anyone since most people don't do it) and I think this spot is a pretty clear fold. I know that sounds crazy and it shouldn't keep you up at night, but definitely calling with position is going to be way better than raising here either way.


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              Yea Gareth it's giving me a terrible headache. So now this is what separates the pros and the rest!! From today onwards, I'll start folding KK, well on my route to success Just kidding... Hard to accept laying down Kings initially but special circumstances call for special moves


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                Say we call KK in pos in this situation. What then? Fold if villain bets? Bet if he checks? (Assuming you don't make your set or big draw).

                I think that's what I'd do if an ace came on the flop, but then that's the last penny I'm putting in.

                If no ace comes I might call once if villain bets (except a shove?) or try and get to showdown if he doesn't.

                What do you think? I'm just starting out so any feedback would be appreciated!



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