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  • 2nl zoom

    Was trying zoom today and had this hand, I had a feeling i was up against Aces was it right to proceed with the hand even though i thought he had Aces.

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    That's a hefty preflop raise there to 5.x. Is that a standard for you? If yes, oh well. If not, then you probably should raise so big with the big hand, people might notice the betting pattern.

    I think all in all you played too passively here. You can't be too scared of Aces when he 3-bets you preflop. Why not 4-bet him to 1 buck or so. The one 3-bet doesn't indicate much about his real strength, except that he likes the hand (or thinks he can bluff you). If you raise and he shoves, then you might consider the option of him holding the aces, not before.

    On the flop, he bets half pot. I don't see a 5 in his hand unless it's a pair, and I doubt the 8s. It's possible of course. I don't think we need to worry about a straight draw, but what about a flush draw with an AK or AQ in hearts? I'd semi-bluff/c-bet that any day of the week, so his bet here doesn't tell you much. I don't like the passive play. Why not raise him? If he then shoves we can reconsider our options.
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      So i guess i played the hand totally wrong. I do bet 4xbb in cash and i added one bb for the limper.

      I'm by no means a cash player i'm more of a tournament player but i think its good to step out of your comfort zone or else you never learn.

      I know it's not right to put him on one hand but my gut was telling me AA so i proceeded with caution i know now it was wrong and that is where i made the mistake.

      So if i 4bet and he shoves do i call?


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          if i thought he had AA pre good read. and putting him on AA u played it great , but would u have folded the turn if the K never hit and he bets? if yes u played it great. if u were going to call him down with the KK then u played it bad. me i just get it in preflop with KK and lose my money lol it is a different way of playing the hand . and maybe he could have folded QQ there to a 4 bet . i liked how u played it , its not carved in stone that u need to reraise and get it in preflop with KK


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            You raise a good question and i think the honest answer is no not the turn i think i would of called a half pot bet on the turn and then let it go on the river if i didn't hit and i faced another bet.


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              Hi Dr,

              Without reads I prefer to flat V3's 3-b. 4-bet/folding KK is a pretty bad line imo as this hand has way too much post flop value in position to turn into a bluff. And I'm not terribly comfortable facing a 5b and getting it in 191bb's deep without any read. If we were only 100bb's deep that'd be fine, but as is I'm not really going to know what to do to a 5b with any clear decisiveness on this depth of money with no reads, so I don't want to even put myself in that position. Flatting the 3B keeps the villains entire range in (4-betting will fold out his bluffs and weaker 3b's) and allows us to play post flop in position with our hand strength a bit disguised since many opponents would expect us to automatically 4b/stack off KK pre.

              I would actually raise directly on the flop here. The reason is this is a very safe board for an overpair (his) and I think it's quite possible he responds to a raise to $1 with a shove with all of his value range. The only part of his preflop 3-betting range that is now a value range on the flop which we're not beating is specifically AA. He'll also get QQ, JJ, TT in the middle, as well as hearts if he happens to hold AhKh. Our best chance to get his stack in bad is right now as against a hand like JJ for example, any Q, K, A, or heart on the turn will look scary and may dissuade him from stacking off.
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