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how bad did i play this hand?

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  • how bad did i play this hand?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Cooler, but I would have lead the flop instead of check called. You are deep enough to start building the pot immediately. I go broke here also.

    When the you fill the only hand you're behind in rockets and it takes a soul read to put a player on one hand only.

    Good decisions.


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      I think we're all goin broke here with the limp call pre. Ul and agree w/ joe 100%
      May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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        **moved to better fitting fourm JWK24**

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          my call of the raise on river . is what i think was bad .he was a loose passive player . when u think about it i was only beating a bluff on river, maybe he shoves QJ for a smaller fullhouse,,,i just cant see him shoving KT with a stright ......i am a super fish,,,a P,O,W,, there is no way in my mind that i am ever good there now that i think about it i played to fast never thought about what he was shoving.that is a huge problem for me


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            I have to disagree. the second nuts was the effectivr nuts the way this hand played out imo.
            May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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              Hi kingkong,

              Definitely I like leading for value here on the flop, you are way ahead of their ranges on this flop, but it's an action flop and there are many possible worse made hands and draws that will give action. Any king, ten, or spade may serve as an action killer though so no reason to risk a free card and a lost street of value on the flop imo.

              As played I would never fold to his river raise here. You will actually be good the majority of the time, even against a normally passive guy. The line you took, check-calling the flop and check-raising the turn, looks a lot like KQ tbh or a slow playing KT that was out of line raising preflop to anyone who is ranging you. Check-calling the flop with top 2 as the preflop raiser is so unexpected that they simply can't ever think you're this strong. So if the guy is at a skill level where he's ranging you, he should be shoving QJ and JJ for value at least, and could consider a thin value shove with KT. If he's not at a skill level where he's ranging you and is just playing his cards, well QJ, JJ are full houses yo, all in!

              We're only losing to specifially AA and with only 1 possible combo of this + his preflop action of limp-calling, we are really unlikely to see this hand very often imo.
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                the reason i check called the flop i was afraid of flopped stright , was going to raise turn on a good card . every1 seems to think i played the hand good , but why do i feel like a stupid fish?


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                  Originally posted by kingkong263 View Post
                  ...but why do i feel like a stupid fish?
                  An appropriate question with a short answer but no easy fix. Your thinking is results oriented, not decision oriented.

                  Over the long-term its the quality of the decisions of the decisions you make that determines success or failure, not the results of individual trials (hands). After the hand you can classify, when you use brutal honesty, your decision as either good, poor or too close to call. The result of the hand does not mean the decisions was correct.

                  If after analysis, you made the right decision end of story. If the decision turned out to be flawed, you should examine the information you had. Either the information was incomplete or wrong or your interpretation of it was faulty. Each of these can be corrected when you face similar situations in the future.

                  Brutally honest self analysis is a difficult task to master as we tend to seek out that which makes us feel good. One thing I use is to remember that a wrong decision where you failed to learn anything is a wasted opportunity.

                  HTH & Good Decisions!



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