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2nl 6max zoom- Am i being too tentative?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom- Am i being too tentative?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to question my reasoning in this hand with you guys. my opponent in the cutoff had stats of 27/21 and a 3bet percentage of 10 over 34 hands.I decided to flat preflop because of the utg raiser and because the 3better had me covered and also i had postion so i felt comfortable with my preflop play especially after utg folded. Then i hit my 2 pair,i considered raiseing on the flop but i didnt want to play for stacks of about 170bbs or so maybe this was incorrect but i also wanted to play against my opponents worse hands and not against AA-KK given their 3bet pre, so on each street i decided to call them down with position. So would u have gotton stacks in on the flop here? am i being too tentative? Thanks Heaps Nashy

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    Hey Nashy I think actually, you played this hand very well. One point I want to emphasize is that it is very hard for your opponents to value bet thinly or to bluff when you raise them. Because of that raising at either the flop or the turn could have lost you potential value of being bluffed or value bet by worse, like, but not limited to AQ, at a future point in the hand. So if you ended up flat calling river and seeing a worse hand (I like just flat calling river too fwiw, as opposed to raising), this isn't actually a bad thing, or a sign that you made a mistake in the hand, it might indicate that you played it optimally. Even if he turned up with AJ a hand you probably could have stacked, I think the overall EV of the line you took is going to be higher. Keep in mind of course, by keeping your opponent's range wide, you keep in those bluffs and valuue bets with worse, but you also lose less versus his 99/AA/KK type hands. So it is beneficial from both sides when you have quite a strong hand, but perhaps not the strongest possible hand. Hope this makes sense umbup:


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      Thanks alot for those comments Gareth it all makes perfect sense,its always great to get other opinions and to also know in this case that my thinking was in a good space.
      Thanks again



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