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25NL Zoom QQ 150bb

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  • 25NL Zoom QQ 150bb

    Both opener and 3-bettor were unknowns. Didn't want to flat the 3bet as sometimes they're 3betting light. Flatting will probably land me in 3way OOP, end up set-mining and folding to a cbet with 2 overcards. Wanted max value for QQ thus a 4bet. Planned to fold if he 5bets to $10 or so cos it indicates great strength. Wasn't sure if AA/ KK will take this line- 5bet shove. Usually with these premiums, they'll 5bet to a reasonable amount so that they'll get called. With 100bb effective stack, I think it's an all in. In this case, better to err on the side of caution given the 150bb stack size? Or can we assume it's at least a coin flip and go for it (up against AK, QQ, JJ leveraging on fold equity)? One of the tough spots to have a plan for the hand personally. Haha

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    Hey Awesome

    I think in this hand a plan of flat calling the three-bet is definitely going to be superior. Think of who you are more likely to get value from, the initial min raiser? or the deep three-better?

    I think it is the initial min raiser, and we can involve him in the pot by flat calling. We don't have to check to the three-better, we are, in fact, allowed to lead out on the flop when it suits us.

    So I think a plan of flat calling, keeping in mind good flops to lead, in order to seize control of the pot and enter the best scenario we can -- value betting the min raiser -- is our best plan. By four-betting we both risk turning our hand into a bluff and losing value by playing against a stronger, more narrow, range.

    We can see the type of scenario we want to avoid with this play, the one that panned out!


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      Most of the players go all in with AK, not with KK or AA Seen it very often umbup:


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        Hey guys thanks for your analysis. Yea this was a pretty disgusting spot, neither here nor there. Best case scenario may only be AK. JJ could be too optimistic. Best if avoided



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