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25NL 6-max: AJs on 3-bet pot / profitable bluff?

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  • 25NL 6-max: AJs on 3-bet pot / profitable bluff?

    Hi, In this hand we get AJ suited on the btn and we raise for our standard. The small blind (4-tabler on zoom) 3-bets us and the big blind folds. preflop: given the fact that the small blind is a regular and we have a pretty looking hand(might also be a bit in tilt as well), we decide to flat in position and see a flop. flop: we whiff completely and our opponent c-bets fairly smallish. At this point given that the flop is so scary and wet, i decide to float with the intention to steal the pot on later streets (according to our opponent's actions of course). turn: now we have a 4 to a flush on the board and our opponent checks to us. I went ahead and bet quite small in order to make it look like a value -bet and set the stack for a river pot-sized jam. Our opponent calls fairly quickly. river: the river bring some pretty irrelevant str8s on board and the opponent again checks. at this point being consistent with our plan we go ahead and jam. Apart from the pre-flop call that i find pretty suspicious would you consider the line i took post- flop profitable in the long run and how would you treat a spot like that? Thanks !

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    Hi f1n,

    It's a good shot post flop, floating for a diamond and then I like the turn and river lines there. I don't know if it's profitable tbh, he is going to turn over the Kd or Qd quite a bit after he calls the turn I would think, it's asking a lot that he fold those. But this line is probably your best shot.

    Really though you shouldn't even be in this spot... this is not a good preflop call of the 3b without a clear plan for how it will be a profitable situation. I know that may seem nitty, but the differnt ways this plays out post flop involve a lot of us losing a small/medium pot, losing a big pot, or winning a medium pot. Not a good ratio. In order to profitably flat here we need a clear plan for how this guy will be exploited post flop. Without one, just fold. A villain that will be exploitable by floats on scary board textures is part of a nice plan btw, but we don't have that read here so we're sort of stabbing in the dark a bit I think.

    If you're worried about raise-folding too much, probably shouldn't here as opponents will just assume you were stealing with garbage when you fold... and if they are 3-betting out of the blinds too much you can then exploit them by flatting more in position, and 4-betting lighter sometimes.
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