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25 NL 6-max: KK in 4-bet pot / max value?

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  • 25 NL 6-max: KK in 4-bet pot / max value?

    Hi, In this hand i pick up KK in a pretty good spot preflop with a UTG raise and a UTG+1 3-bet. The initial raiser was an unknown with less than 100bbs starting stack and the 3-bettor was a 4-tabler (in Zoom) regular with effective stack of 130bbs with me and therefore i expect him to have a pretty strong range there. preflop: At this spot I 4-bet for value and I am stacking off 130bbs if the 3-bettor wakes up with AA. The opponents thinks for a bit and calls my 4-bet oop. I don't know if I am correct but with that call, we can narrow his range to just big pairs QQ,JJ more or less, or if he is a bad bad reg AK. flop: we get a more or less dream flop and we c-bet pretty big with our opponent snap-calling us the moment we hit the bet button. Now that i think about this move, I would guess that he would do that only with QQ,JJ with a spade, because with the A of spades he would at least think about check/raising jam this flop. turn: an inconsequential 6 and I decide to jam the rest of the stack for a smaller than a pot sized bet. Given his range is quite heavily weighted towards QQ,JJ wouldn't it have been better to check this turn and let him jam the river himself or jam in case he again checks? On the other hand, this shove from me, might as well represent the lone A of spades in my hand going for a semibluff. Which one would you think is the best line in this case to maximise our value? Thanks!

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    Hi f1n,

    I think 4-betting for value is fine here and certainly standard, and the 4-tabler doesn't need to have a super strong hand to 3b somewhat small like he did, he may be just isolating on the presumed weaker player (1 tabling/off stack size).

    It's also valid to consider flatting preflop here... this invites the opener who is the presumed fish to come into the pot as well, and we'd like to play pots in position with this player, not necessarily blow them out of the pot which a 4-bet will tend to do quite often. This also adds a measure of deception as most players would expect us to always 4b with a hand as strong as KK preflop so they will not put us on this strong a pair.

    Ok so as played I agree with your range assessment for V6 calling the 4b, QQ/JJ/AK make sense, and sometimes we can see AQ (probably suited), TT in this spot, as well as AA (a 5-bet would scream monster and he might think let you off the hook, so flatting the 4b with AA is a nice play in this spot).

    I like the c-bet, and his call indicates that he's likely got an overpair to the board here. A set of 9's would likely raise now I'd think. AsQs is possible although there's only 1 combo of that. I would perhaps size your c-bet a bit bigger... instead of $7.25 into $11 (2/3rds pot is that your standard?), I'd go more like $9.50 into $11 here. I think it sets up a better turn shove size for us, and it's not likely to matter much, if he's calling or folding for $7.25 he's doing the same for $9.50 with the same range here I'd think.

    So if we go 9.50 then the pot would have $30 and we'd have $19 left to jam the turn (instead of $21.33 into $25.50), making a jam fairly automatic and making it much harder for him to fold QQ or JJ on a blank turn.
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