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Is this a leak in my game?

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  • Is this a leak in my game?

    Hi Coaches, I am not particularly happy with the way I played this hand. My play looks weak to me, I just cannot figure out what my mistake was. Raising pre-flop oop? Not firing the turn? But when he calls, he represents a king, and the turn card does not seem worth a bluff. This is Zoom, so no reads on villain. Please help me out of my confusion. Olaf Button ($1.36) SB ($0.76) Hero (BB) ($2.02) UTG ($1.62) MP ($1.86) CO ($3.64) Preflop: Hero is BB with , 2 folds, CO calls $0.02, 2 folds, Hero bets $0.08, CO calls $0.06 Flop: ($0.17) , , (2 players) Hero bets $0.08, CO calls $0.08 Turn: ($0.33) (2 players) Hero checks, CO bets $0.10, Hero calls $0.10 River: ($0.53) (2 players) Hero checks, CO bets $0.38, Hero folds Total pot: $0.53 | Rake: $0.02

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    Hi Olaf I don't think you made any particularly large errors in this hand. Your river check-fold is certainly the best, highest EV, option. I think one thing I would disagree with is your flop sizing. I would probably bet 14 cents in order to put more pressure on our opponent, who will play more honestly versus a large size, folding some weak hands and not raising without a strong hand. On the turn I think as played you simply must take the pot odds offered by your opponent, but betting would have been a superior choice. This does not have to work very often given that we are drawing to the nuts on the river. When that is true, if we bet two-thirds of the pot, we only need to get a small segment of our opponent's weakest hands to fold, because the other segment that calls we will be able to value bet when we hit the diamond on the river or even the ace. While we aren't going to get paid on these cards too often because they are very scary cards to a lot of the hands our opponent could call on the turn, we nevertheless always win the pot on a river diamond, so its ok that we don't have great implied odds. So I would say the best move would be to inject a little aggression on the turn where before you were passive. You didn't play this hand in a -EV way per se, but there are more +EV ways to play it in my opinion. umbup:


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      Thanks, Gareth, that was very helpful!




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