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5nl Zoom - AKo. Should I have 4 bet pre? Shove or fold OTF?

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  • 5nl Zoom - AKo. Should I have 4 bet pre? Shove or fold OTF?

    The villain in this hand is rather loose, he also likes to 3 bet a lot pre. In two of the 3 hands I encountered him he had 3bet me. Post flop I'm unsure how to catorgories him. This is another hand I played with him.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    (I've requested analysis on this hand too and you can see my thought processes in this theread) Also these are his stats at the time of this hand, I only had 23 hands. 32/27/33.3 AF 1.5. Now to the hand in question....
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop I made my standard raise and to no surprise I get 3 bet by the said villain; he makes it just over 3x my raise and it's folded back around to me. I decided to flat here as I didn't like the idea of getting 5 bet. If 5 bet I think I have to shove or fold and I'm unsure of his calling off range to a 6 bet shove. I thus decided to play it safe and try flop a pair. Should I have 4 bet here or was my flat okay? I then flop TPTK and I think it's pretty likely that he's going to continue, at the time I figured that a check raise would be the best option as I'd seen in the previous hand that he called these quite light. HOWEVER in hindsight I think I completely misapplied the read! When he called the check raise in the other hand he had limped preflop; whereas in this hand he 3 bet me... I'm pretty sure I messed up here and that flatting his flop bet would have been best. He 3 bets my check raise which is a super strong line and I'm pretty sure that i'm beat here. AA/QQ/AQ all come to mind, I think it's shove or fold time and I think that given his super strong line it has to be a fold. What does everyone think? Cheers Oliver umbup:
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    Hey Oliver

    I like a four-bet here to 1.10.I think we should be pretty happy to face a five bet and content to stack off before the flop versus this player. Often if we make it 1.10 we could see a small five bet that will fold to our six bet or call with worse.

    As played if we are going to check-raise this flop it is to go with it. That should be our purpose in check-raising the flop after having just called before the flop.

    I think the world is our oyster on this flop in this situation. I don't mind check-calling flop to check-raise-all-in on the turn. I also don't mind check-calling twice to decide on the river and potentially check-fold.

    Keep in mind that, as far as A high flops go, this isn't the perfect one for us. AK on an AQX flop is like having AQ on an A84 flop.

    So for that reason I think our best play should be to check-call flop, hopefully elicit a second semi-bluff on the turn, after which we can check-raise all-in.

    Definitely as played we have no choice but to go with it. We've kind of put ourselves in a spot where we wonder if this player is really willing to three-bet the flop with AJ/AT as well as JT or KJdd type hands.

    A lot of different options



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