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NL2FR AKs call 3 bet

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  • NL2FR AKs call 3 bet


    ok this was a spot where i want sure wether to 4 bet or call, i had AKs and raised *3 from mp, got a call from cut off and then a russian 3bets me from big blind.

    first of all (not many reads new table) it looks a good spot to squeeze fairly light, and also russians no disrespect but they definately are 3 beting light alot from BB, villain was also playing 8 tables so prolly a reg.

    my problem here is if i 4 bet AKs and he shoves im gonna have to fold coz he has AA here nearly all the time, or infact all the time imo...but by not 4 beting i dont know if he does have AA or if he is light, plus AKs is so strong i think a call is ok, villain cbets a k high flop, so i think unless he has flush draw he may have AA or bluff, lukily the turn saved me, but still wasnt sure if he had AA or not, so is a 4bet here a better line to take, even if i am gonna fold to a 5 bet shove?


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    Hi Taxed,

    If you think a villain is 3b squeezing light a fair bit then this is definitely a situation where I would 4b and get it in to a 5b... if you're worried about only getting 5b by AA then you're probably sizing your 4b's too big and forcing him to only 5b you with monsters, while folding out his light stuff. So like here he's made it .24, if you make it something like .58 it looks like you can still fold to a 5b jam and you might get that from some of the lighter parts of his range. Flatting is ok if he is not 3-betting light, but I don't think we can ever fold a K high flop in a pot that is inflated this large, spr is under 3 here, so it's a flop I'd be looking to commit on.

    In general on 100 bb stacks, don't 4b/fold a strong hand preflop, only 4b/fold bluffs. If you think you will have to fold to a 5b jam, then don't 4b, but here you're saying he may 3b really light but only 5b AA, it doesn't seem consistant unless you are 4-betting to like .75-.80+ and not leaving him any room to really 5b jam light...
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