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5nl 6max zoom - KK in the bb...Pre-Flop Raise Too Small? Post-Flop Raise Too Big? :(

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  • 5nl 6max zoom - KK in the bb...Pre-Flop Raise Too Small? Post-Flop Raise Too Big? :(

    Was trying to do a bunch of stuff in this hand, but nothing was turning out the way I had hoped Fail #1: Pre-Flop, I 3-bet to try and narrow down the field. And got 3 callers Fail #2: Post-Flop, I bet to try and keep everybody IN the pot. And all 3 people folded How was my bet sizing?

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    Hi Sam, I don't have any problems with how you played this and in fact would have played it very similar, if not the same. The 3-bet pre is good as is the sizing imo; you then flop the relative nuts in a multiway pot. You don't want to give hands like AQ a free card and they could all hold hands willing to get stacks in, AK,JJ,KJ (if they're loose preflop) so I like your bet. I would have made it slightly bigger to like $1.40 but I don't think the 20c matters. No matter who calls your bet you're going to have less than a PSB to shove the turn, it's just unfortunate they didn't have a hand worth stacking off with. I'll be interested to see if the HA team would play it differently. See you at the tables Oliverumbup:
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      haha your post made me laugh Sam.

      Win #1: effective use of the googly eyed emoticon.

      I think your preflop size is pretty good, 13x on 2.5x is a pretty big squeeze both relative to the size of the raise and given the effective stacks behind. It is kind of unusual to get that many callers I think and while I wouldn't think 0.70 or .75 a mistake, I think any bigger than that would be poor.

      I like your sizing idea on the flop. I think we could bet even less! We could go for something like 0.70. One nice thing about a size like that is that if we get two calls from hands we have crushed, then we are doing better than getting one call from a hand we have crushed with 1.20. No one is folding QT to 1.20 or 0.70.

      Either way I think betting is the best option in this spot, the question is the size. I think you were on the right track. 0.70 might be a bit fancy play, so maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle.

      Either way I like the way you played it and posted it


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        lol that sizing idea is yours ... I got it from watching you But I guess I do kinda rock the smilies Gosh, hand was so perfect in so many other ways (like, in my mind anyways ). I remembered stuff like: 1. Having the board locked up - with the board kind fo dry, KK top set kind of had the board locked up, and my odds to win must have been like 90%+, even against 3 other people? 2. Ranging for 2nd best hands that people might be willing to call bets with - I like your list there Croyd! Was hoping also maybe like AJs, JTs, AQ, smaller pocket pairs, might think they were good? :/ 3. Putting value ahead of protection in multiway pots by betting smaller - guess this one is going to take a little more practice ... some implementation issues there LESSON: If we flop a monster hand in a multiway pot and are trying to keep people IN the pot, try dividing the pot by the number of people to get a general idea of how little the bet can be so you don't get too excited and overdo it! Especially when peoples' stacks are so short. Thanks so much Gareth, that helped a lot. Nice to have you back umbup: And thx Croyd for stopping in and sharing your insight
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