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5nl Zoom - AQs in the SB, monotone flop. Should I cbet?

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  • 5nl Zoom - AQs in the SB, monotone flop. Should I cbet?

    No reads or stats on either villain and I can't remember ( or I maybe didn't check) how many tables they were playing.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop I think is pretty standard. I'm OOP with a value hand; against someone who seems weak as they just open limped on the button. I make it 5x and get called by the BB and the limper. I whiff the flop pretty hard and I'm unsure if I should cbet here. I'm OOP multiway and have very few (if any) goods cards I can fire a second barrel on. I don't think I get many better hands to fold, some small PP's will fold. Also I don't have a made hand that I need to protect from the FD so should i just check hoping for it to check round and fold to a bet? Thanks for any help Oliver umbup:
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    The limper folded, didn't he? You just have the BB to get thru. Typically, I c-bet monotone flops when heads up, because it's hard for villain to call unless he has the draw or a made hand. Your c-bet success rate will usually be very high on mono flops and half pot is often enough to take it down. If villain calls, then I give up, as I have so little equity.
    If you check, then villain can bluff you off your hand, so make a stab at it and force him to make a decision. Don't give him a free card just yet!
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      Ooops, you're right the limper did fold. I think that does make my decision a bit easier indeed, would you still cbet if multiway?
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        I generally dont like cbetting OOP with zero- or close-to-zero-equity hands, but in this case I think a one-and-done bluff should be ok against 1 player. Monotone boards are scary even to weak made hands without the correct suit and it's worth defending the 5bb deadmoney you put in there preflop with a cheap cbet bluff. Against two callers I would xf.
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