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25NL Zoom River Large Bet

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  • 25NL Zoom River Large Bet

    Villain's a regular, 29/26, AF: 5.6 over 131 hands. Flop FCB: 67% (3), turn FCB: 0% (1). So fairly loose aggressive. Had planned to check-call the river for 3 streets of value. But didn't expect him to bet this large. Probably indicating he made a flush, or has at least 2 pairs. Was thinking should we bet-fold the river in case he doesn't bet with worse hands? And in this case, is the call against this villain type justifiable? Does Pokerstove come into use here?
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    Personally I would bet the river 100% of the time and then maybe find a fold if I get raised big. What happened?


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      Hey Awesome

      This is one of the reasons bet/folding the river for value is better than check/calling. Another is that our opponent can check back a lot of hands that would otherwise call a bet. Think of hands like AT and AQ. He can certainly check these back a high % of the time, but would be able to call a bet should we put it out there.

      Once we do check though, it should be to check call almost any size less than pot and I think this qualifies. There are still some draws that missed and as you point out villain can be value betting worse hands, mostly two pairs but there are worse flopped sets that he might not have raised flop, then been reticent to raise turn with. So we have painted ourselves into a bit of a corner in terms of ever folding to this size. He didn't raise the turn, it is worth noting, which makes some of his flushes less likely.

      As played I call, but I would prefer a bet/fold on the river for something like 6.50$.

      Make sense?


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        Thanks! Was actually one of the spots I was thinking if we can triple barrel for max value. Was worried about value-owning myself cos of the third diamond.

        He had Ad8d, turned nut flush. Will take note of his slowplay. Bet-fold on the river should be more profitable in the long run



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