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2NL - Suited Ace vs. Loose Table

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  • 2NL - Suited Ace vs. Loose Table

    Posting this hand here because almost nobody posts in my bankroll builder thread anymore. Table was playing very loose, especially villains 1-3. Villain_8 had been raising far more often than normal, which lead to my call. Did I play this hand correctly?
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    Hi Chris,

    No worries, feel free to post any cash game hands you want looked at here, that's what this forum is for! Just make sure if you have requirements for posting in your bankroll builder thread that you do those as well.

    In this hand I wish we were playing a full stack, but I think the hand is playable preflop in position none the less given the villains as described and the fact that our hand plays well multi-way.

    On the flop I would actually prefer to jam all in over the continuation bet. There's already .40c in the pot and you have $1 left, so there's real fold equity to be leveraged here, you may well have the best hand at least some of the time, and against the likely hands that will call your shove your equity is fine with a pair+ace+nut flush draw. For instance against a big overpair like KcKs, you're actually a 53-47 favorite with 2 cards to come. If you miss the turn however now you become a 70-30 underdog with only 1 card left. It's much better to get this money in while a favorite (especially since a lot of your outs like an ace or heart, might be scary to the opponent and cost some action). Additionally, he's unlucky enough to hold a worse heart draw he will probably call that off too thinking he's behind your shove but has a lot of outs (like KhQh)... when in reality he has very few outs with the worst hand and dominated draw. You're actually a huge 81% favorite over KhQh on the flop.
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