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was thinking preflop "reraising 10s in this spot seems to be costing me"

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  • was thinking preflop "reraising 10s in this spot seems to be costing me"

    The c/o in this hand i have marked as a fish limping 85o utg getting iso. and calling all the way w/8 high more than once so dont judge me too harshly i couldnt find my fold button to this opponent. Pre flop is what im most curios about reraising 10s from the blinds + or - EV. usually the flop is awfull w/ a couple overcards in this case i hit my set and went kinda nuts!? then on the flop the check raise? maybe i should call to see what the turn does to that wet board?
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    Hi quirked,

    3-betting pre is fine here, especially if V3 knows V2 is a loose fish, he should be raising many hands that are worse than TT to try and iso the guy.

    On the flop, BET! You're the preflop 3-bettor, you're expected to bet, don't check and hope someone bets for you. Not only that, the check-raise in this spot should look strong, if someone does bet a hand like Qx then they will often just call the check-raise. If you bet right out like is expected then you may well get raised by top pair, and can either 3b immediately or call and check-raise the turn, depending on what you think is the best line to maximize vs that specific opponent. When he re-raises your check-raise, I definitely am 4-betting for value on the flop. We basically have the nuts on the flop as it's pretty unlikely the guy open limped QQ pre. And his strength often means a strong 2nd best hand like 66 or QT (or since he's so loose, Q6s), so I'd keep pumping bets in here. I'd also bet the turn, and if he still raises, then slow down imo.
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      Dear Langolier,
      Hearing you loud and clear thanks for the insightful advice again.
      I am getting a great bang 4 buck to food 4 thought ratio !!! )



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